Connecting Salesforce to Alternative Authenticator App for MFA

David Tinnion
David Tinnion
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Although Salesforce provide their own authenticator app, there are numerous other apps which can achieve the same thing.  This article will guide you through the steps to login using an alternative authenticator app.


Before configuring

Prior to following the steps below, please download the relevant authenticator app required (Google, for example.) as this will save time during the process


Steps to configure

  1. When your Administrator has assigned MFA to you, then next time you login, you will receive the screen below.  Select Choose Another Verification Method.
  2. You will then be presented with the option to choose a verification method.  Select Use verification codes from an authenticator app and then Continue
  3. You will then receive the QR code to Scan.  This needs to be scanned using the authenticator app selected.  You can only connect to one authenticator app at a time.
  4. After scanning the QR code, the authenticator will provide a code.  Enter this into the Verification Code box and then connect.
  5. This will connect you to the authenticator app.  Every time you login, you will be prompted for a verification code.  This ensures the security of users logging in, and only that verified uses will have access to your system and data.


User loses access to authentication method or you need to change authentication method

Once the user has setup the link to the authenticator app, if they lose access to the device, this would need to be reconfigured. 

  1. Login as a System Administrator of Salesforce and go to the Setup cog and then Setup.
  2. Go to users and find the users profile that has the issue.
  3. On the users profile, there is a field App Registration: One-Time Password Authenticator.  Next to this, there is the option to Disconnect.  Select Disconnect to remove the link to the authenticator.
  4. With this removed, you can follow through re-connecting to the same or a new authenticator app.

If there are issue regarding the authenticator app itself, please contact the support department of the relevant 3rd party app.


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