FinancialForce PSA Key Modules

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Resource Optimization

FinancialForce PSA provides a customer – centric approach to resourcing and allows the initiation of the resourcing process at an early stage in the customer journey. This allows streamline handoffs from sales to delivery and more thorough resource-predictable supply and demand management, all of which contribute to an inventive and smooth client experience. PSA offers an automated and customizable method for finding and evaluating resources according to their best match, which enables resource managers to create staffing plans that are optimised and create stronger project teams.


Utilization Management

You'll have the knowledge and insight you need to drive results. PSA provides advanced information for maximizing utilisation and making significant decisions by providing real-time visibility into usage performance and capacity & demand planning, providing a clear picture of who is over or under-utilised.


Billing and Revenue Management

PSA allows flexible optimization for managing different services-based billing models, allowing you to create pricing and billing procedures that are specific to the requirements of your clients. Whether you work with subscription-based contracts, fixed-fee services, time, and materials (T&M), or a combination, PSA can accommodate all requirements.


Expense and Time Management

Expense management with FinancialForce PSA provides access to an automation tool that includes time reporting, resource management, billing, project financials, and advanced reporting.


Reporting Analytics

FinancialForce PSA analytics is powered by Salesforce Einstein, it offers detailed visibility and insights including billings, utilization, capacity handling and more for customers to get complete visibility into data required for project delivery efficiency and precise business forecasting. With analytics, customers are provided with the greatest range of service data currently available on the market. Customers can gain a deeper insight of their company's overall health, thus improving their ability to predict the future with clearer views of your forecast, backlog, and utilization.


Revenue Forecasting

Get accurate revenue forecasting data and metrics relating to expenses, cash flow and many more with FinancialForce PSA. FinancialForce Revenue forecasting provides complete financial picture of your company’s future growth strategies and allows to gain greater insights into projects. Develop staffing models geared to drive higher margins, quicker delivery, and customer satisfaction.

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