Adding New Users to FinancialForce PSA

James Childs
James Childs
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New Users

Create a contact record for your resource using the Salesforce native functionality.

Resources requires both a PSA contact record and a Salesforce user record. They also need to be assigned a FinancialForce PSA license.

  1. Create a SF user record as normal.
  2. Creating a PSA Resource record by following the steps below:


a. On the contact object, click New button

b. You should get a screen pop up with two record types, select the PSA Resource:

c. Fill in the resource fields

Ensure the resource has their Salesforce user selected on the Salesforce user field and verify the Is Resource and Is Resource Active fields are selected to ensure availability.


d. Click save to create contact record


  1. Assign a packaged license:

a. Navigate to Installed Packages from the Setup page

b. Click on Manage Licenses on PS Enterprise


c. Then click ‘Add Users’



Removing Users

FinancialForce does not recommend deleting user records.

  1. Deactivate the user Salesforce record as normal.
  2. Remove the PSA installed package.
  3. Untick the Is Resource, Is Resource Active checkbox and populate the Last Date on the user record.




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