Activating your Account, creating and amending your requests in Zendesk

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Zendesk - Activating your Account, creating and amending your requests

One of the many benefits of Zendesk is access to login to a Customer Portal, which will give you the ability to raise cases directly rather than email and, see the current status of any outstanding cases.  Before you can do this, you need to activate your account.

You will receive an email asking you to create a password for your account.  The steps below will guide you through this.


Activating Account/Password Creation

You will receive an email from with a link Create a password.  Please click on this link.


This will then take you to a screen asking you to setup a password. 


The password must consist of the following:

  • Be at least 5 characters long.
  • Contain fewer than 128 characters.
  • Not be the same as your email address.

Best practice for passwords would be:

  • Use a mix of letters and numbers.
  • Use a mix of upper and lower case letters.
  • Try to use at least one or two special characters.
  • Try not to use a password that would be easy to guess.

Once created, this will then take you to the ION Zendesk customer portal.  When closed, you can access it again from the URL


Zendesk Support Portal

Once you have created your password, you will then be able to login to the ION Zendesk customer portal.

Within the customer portal, you will be able to create a case directly and check the progress of any existing cases.  There is also a list of support articles, which will grow in time, which will have common questions and will contain full guides and how to videos, as well as more complicated queries.

Below, we will guide you through logging a case within the portal and how to view your existing cases.


Submitting a request

From the portal home page, there is a Submit a request option.  Click on this to open the request screen.


On the submit a request screen you can enter the required information for the case and attach files.


The Fields required are as follows.

  • Subject – Enter a brief description of the problem, just enough to identify the issue.
  • Product – Select the product the issue relates to.
  • Description – Enter as much information as possible about the issue, including error messages and details of the steps to replicate the issue.  Also any troubleshooting you tried to resolve the issue.
  • Priority – How urgent the case is. This will be triaged by the support team and amended if needed.
  • Attachments – Attach any screenshots and files required for the issue.


How to check the progress of cases

If you have submitted a support request, to update or check the status, when you are within the portal, follow the steps below.


On the portal homepage, if you click on your username, a dropdown will appear.  Select Requests.


This will take you into the list of your requests.  From here you can see the last activity of the case and the current status.


In addition to viewing the case, you can also add further information to the case too, add additional files/attachments or request an update on the case.


Adding additional information to an existing case

When you are in the list of your requests, you can add further information to the case.  To do this, click on the ticket you would like to see.  This will then take you into the ticket where you can add any information you require.


When you have finished entering the information required, click Submit, to add the information to the case.


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